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Butchart Gardens

The gardens comprise 55 acres of beautiful floral displays and spectacular views. These most-famous of Victoria's gardens were started in 1904 by Jennie Butchart is a limestone quarry and are still maintained by her family today.


Butterfly Gardens

Hundreds of exotic butterflies fly free in an indoor tropical rainforest at Butterfly Gardens, near Buthcart Gardens. The life cycle of a butterfly is detailed and the garden features many colourful flowering plants, exotic birds, reptiles and waterfalls. A tropical oasis.

Gardens at HCP

The non-profit Gardens at HCP (Horticulture Centre of the Pacific), located 5 minutes away from Arbutus Hill Bed and Breakfast, manages 103 acres with the aim of cultivating public interest in sound gardening practices, demonstrating the diversity of plants that can be grown in this area, preserving natural plant and animal habitat, and providing a unique environment for preparing students for careers in horticulture. It is not a display garden like Butchart, but gardeners will appreciate the diversity of plants that can be seen here.


Beacon Hill Park and Petting Zoo
It is Victoria's favorite park, partly because it is so close to downtown and to the Dallas Road waterfront, and also because it is free. Most of the park's 200 acres are beautifully landscaped and part of it is left natural to encourage wildflowers to flourish. The petting zoo is always a hit with the children.


Government House Gardens
The gardens and grounds of Government House cover some 36 acres. The 14 acres in front of the House contain formal gardens and are open to the public for free. The garden behind the House with Garry Oak Woodlands and The Cary Castle Mews, is only open for tours.


Abkhazi Garden
The garden on a 1.4-acre site is internationally famous for its splendid collection of rhododendrons and its romantic past. It's at its most beautiful in spring when the rhododendrons are in bloom.


Hatley Park Gardens
James Dunsmuir built his castle on 650 acres at Hatley Park Estates in the early 1900s. In the 1940s the castle became a dormitory and mess hall for Royal Roads Military College. Today it is used as the administrative centre of Royal Roads University. The castle and gardens are open daily for tours.


Playfair Park
Victoria's secret garden was started in the late 1950s by 10 enthusiastic gardeners and the municipality of Saanich in order to establish an arboretum. The dream of a full-scale arboretum was abandoned in 1980. It remains a beautiful garden that shines brightest in spring when rhododendrons explode into bloom. The park is accessed from Quadra Avenue and Rock Street.