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Like hiking, Victoria is also a birders’ paradise, with a wealth of resident and transient species in an array of colours and habits. Birding in British Columbia is a great starting place for birding information for British Columbia, Canada. You'll see lots of species just outside our dining room window. (Have a look at the photos below.) And here are some well-known local locations popular with birders:


Rithet's Bog contains the last remaining peat bog on the Saanich Peninsula and is a great bird-watching location.


Along the Lochside Trail, Blenkinsop Lake birding is good year-round, but it's at its peak from May to September when migratory birds are in residence.


The birding is excellent year-round at Swan Lake, but it's particularly good in late winter/early spring when the lake floods and expands into a wide, waterfowl-welcoming marsh.


Esquimalt Lagoon is a federally designated migratory bird sanctuary. Double-crested Cormorants and other shore birds use an island in the middle of the lagoon for a favourite roosting place. There are many other species to observe here where the lagoon is open to the ocean.


Seabirds and shorebirds are the main birding attractions at Island View Beach Regional Park. In spring and fall, you can watch migratory seabirds, some of them endangered, grazing in the grass or probing for worms and clams in the sand.


Witty's Lagoon Regional Park near Metchosin west of Victoria contains a large lagoon teeming with bird life year-round. Hiking trails take you through woodlands, past the lagoon and a marsh to a sandy ocean beach.

bed and breakfast victoria - great horned owl
bed and breakfast victoria - pileated woodpecker
bed and breakfast victoria - cooper's hawk
bed and breakfast victoria - flicker
bed and breakfast victoria - goldfinch
bed and breakfast - house finch
Victoria B&B - California quail
victoria b&b - Robin
victoria b&b - Stellar Jay
victoria bnb - Swallow feeding young
arbutus hill bed and breakfast victoria - ducks